WTB: Corsair LE DDR4, 64-128 GB SSD, X1950 XT AGP, EK Predator 360, Nexus 9 32GB


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Aug 24, 2014
  • References: Heat (38-0-0) - OCN (35-0-0) - Reddit (+13)
  • Payments via PP only.

I know this is a long shot, but maybe, somewhere, someone wants to sell their Corsair Dominator Limited Edition RAM. I have a 4x8 GB Chrome kit, but i am looking for a second 4x8 one to start preparing for Threadripper. The kit i am looking for is this one.
While i would prefer another chromed kit, i wouldn't say no to the Blackout version kit. However, i am NOT interested in any of the other Limited Edition kits, like the Torque or ROG versions.

I am looking for the following parts as well:
  • A cheap 64-128 GB SSD for an old rig. Must be regular SATA, Crucial preferred. Samsung also preferred as long as it is not an 840 EVO. Nothing really bigger, as it will go unused. No real need for anything really newer, as long as it has been treated lightly.
  • An ATI Radeon X1950 XT AGP. It MUST be the AGP version, not the PCI-E one. 512 MB version preferred. It must also be in working condition. Any brand is okay, but with non-reference cooler (the quieter the better).
  • An EK Phoenix or EK Predator 360 rad core. I have no need for fans, blocks, quick disconnects, fittings, tubes or even liquid, as i will be using my own gear, in fact i would prefer it to come drained. However it must include pump, fan splitter hub and of course the rad.
  • Lastly, i want to get a Nexus 9 tablet with 32 GB storage.


I am looking for a R9 Nano for my HTPC, as my GTX 470 is dying, and madVR is a tough renderer on the GPU. As there is no other version than a reference one, that's what i'm asking for. Box is not necessary as long as it is safely shipped, but if it is not too big, it would be appreciated. Brand doesn't matter much, however i'd prefer Sapphire as they add a protection for the interposer. FOUND ON REDDIT

iPhone 6/6S, carrier unlocked, in more than decent condition, and 32/64 GB GB of storage. FOUND ON [H]

Looking for a Socket 478 motherboard, as the one i have is having some weird issues on W98. Here's what i would be looking for:

- Based on any Intel 865 or 875 chipset (nothing SiS or VIA or Nvidia)
- No bad capacitors
- Supporting 800 MT/s bus
- Support for DDR1 RAM
- mATX sized preferred, but i could get an ATX if needed
- Supporting dual channel RAM (with preferably 4 sticks, but i can live with 2)
- With an AGP x8 slot
- With 2 SATA ports

That's pretty much what i am looking for. I am not really looking for an overclocking motherboard, but at least some support for that is appreciated. Mobo will be replacing the rather crappy PCCHIPS is on my retro gaming rig. FOUND ON OCN.

I am looking for an iPhone SE, carrier unlocked, in mint/close to mint condition, any color except pink, with 16 GB storage (may consider 32 GB is it's cheap enough). Need mostly for iMessage and FaceTime, as my work is moving towards an unified message platform. Not really interested in iPhone 6 or newer due to size (i won't be abandoning my OP2 anytime soon so i'll be carrying both phones) and iPhone 5/5s are too underpowered for my tastes. FOUND LOCALLY

I am in need of a new PSU, since my V1000 got fried. However, due to size limitations, i am limited to PSUs with a length at 170mm (6.7'') or under. Only fully modular PSUs. Efficiency rated for Gold and upwards. I would also consider an 800-900W PSU, but only in Platinum or Titanium rating. FOUND ON [H] and OCN.

Next, i am looking for some specific Core CPUs, in socket 775. Doesn't matter if they're retail or spicy as long as they work. Here are the CPUs i need:
C2D E6700 2.67 GHz FOUND
C2D E7400 2.80 GHz FOUND
C2D E7500 2.93 GHz FOUND
C2D E7600 3.06 GHz FOUND
C2D X6800 2.93 GHz FOUND
Pentium E6800 3.33 GHz FOUND
C2Q QX6700 2.67 GHz FOUND
C2Q QX6800 2.93 GHz FOUND

Ryzen 7 1700 with box & cooler or 1700X with box & Wraith Spire cooler. Been sitting on my CHVIH for too long and want to finish that build. FOUND ON OCN

- AMD R9 Nano, preferibly with EK waterblock and not a mined one. Looking for Crossfire as Vega was a slight letdown and there is no "Vega-Nano" on sight from anyone, so Fiji-Nanos will carry me until Navi. GOT FURY X INSTEAD, FOUND ON OCN
- AMD R9 Nano WATERBLOCK ONLY. EK brand only, preferibly with backplate. Looking to place my current Nano under water because reasons. GOT FURY X WB INSTEAD, FOUND ON OCN

Xeon E5 V2 CPUs with 12 cores and half decent clock speeds (no low-power versions) to update my E5 2670 v1. Only accepting 2695 v2, 2696 v2 & 2697 v2. I miiiiiight accept an E5 1680 v2 if price is tempting enough. PROJECT ON HIATUS

A cheap i5/Xeon E3 compatible with LGA 1150/Z97. Needs to have 4 cores, HT not required, IGP is a must (for Xeons). Not really looking for any K SKUs (for the i5's) nor the top speed bins, need something cheap that works. FOUND ON REDDIT
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Oct 13, 2004
I got a sapphire r9 390x tri x oc, let me know if that will work.


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Aug 24, 2014
I got a sapphire r9 390x tri x oc, let me know if that will work.

I doubt it, the vast majority of 390X's are custom or semi-custom PCBs. As per KitGuru review, the PCB does not look similar to a 290X, especially on the AUX VRM.

290X Reference PCB:


390X Tri-X PCB:

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Dec 24, 2006
I have an old DFI Lanparty 875 Pro Rev B with a Presshot 3.2 in it. id have to fire it up as it hasnt been run in 10+ years if your interested