WTB: Cheap reasonably fast DDR4 kit (32GB, dual or quad channel)


[H]F Junkie
Sep 18, 2005
4x8GB or 8x4GB, whichever I can get faster/cheaper... so probably 8x4GB.

Please don't bother asking for new prices, I had to trade a really nice monitor for the X99 setup I'm trying to get together now, so I'm far from made of money at the moment. The RAM I'm using currently is ~$65 for a 8GB (2x4GB) kit so I'll just buy another set of that and be "happy" with middling DDR4 speeds if it turns out nothing's currently available used cheap enough. Fancy heat spreaders are nice but if they're very tall too tall it's a no-go -- the Phanteks PH-TC14PE I'm using is an amazing HSF but stupid huge and overhangs 4 of 8 slots on the board.

Heatware under silent-circuit, same as here. Long time member and trader with quite a few high dollar deals, won't deal with newbies unless they're willing to ship first. Located in Charleston, SC.