WTB AM4 ATX Motherboard

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Apr 20, 2017
Hey there, just looking for a ATX AM4 motherboard to go in my wife's PC. Preferably B550/X570 but can be older if updated to support a 5600X. I know I can update my own BIOS, but I just had a bad experience on a Gigabyte board and don't feel like trying my luck again so soon lol.

Only real requirement is onboard wifi and maybe $160 max, though willing to look at somewhat higher. That just happens to be the price of a used x570 Tomahawk board I just got from Amazon that I couldn't get to post whatsoever, so I figured let's see what's out there around that price. You guys here probably have a better chance of knowing if your board actually works than the Amazon warehouse :D

Anyways thanks for taking a look!
In addition to amazon warehouse, there is B&H...

I have purchased several things used from B&H including an x570 board. Everything has been excellent. I think the board was rated as either an eight or a nine on their scale. The only wear marks it had were on the box.

here are their used AM4s:


this one seems to meet your criteria:


I have used the little USB wi-fi adapters that cost $15-20 with good success. That would open up some other options.
Lots of great recommendations from you guys. Ended up grabbing one of those Gig b550 pro ac's from Amazon like new for $150. What are the chances I get two bad ones in a row? Lesson learned, test the board before putting it in the PC :D
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