WTB: 3 external (USB) HD (small, used, cheap garbage basically - but not flash thumbdrives)


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Oct 11, 2001
I have a need for 3 external USB drives - 128G is good enough - but they cannot be your traditional thumbstick (honestly prefer old crappy spinning rust for this). They're boot drives for server OSes that store logs, and experience shows they kill thumb drives - that being said, they don't need to perform at ~all~ as the actual workloads run off of Optane/NVMe/SAS, I just can't attach an internal ~boot~ drive.

If you've got old ones lying around - 4400 RPM, 5400 RPM, USB2 SSD that's not worth keeping... let me know. Heatware under Lopoetve, I'm 2FA enabled. Figured I'd check here before digging into what microcenter/amazon has to avoid any chinese garbage fakes.
Plain ol' USB. Servers generally don't have USBC unless it's actually a displayport setup over USBC :) Which I might need for a display :p

Heck, can literally be USB2. One of the drives I'm using I bought in 2006! OS runs in memory, just writes logs back to disk over time in a way that kills thumbdrives.
Cheap, but depends on what you have. Amazon seems to have them for about $25-30, but some questionable brands, so assume around that. :)

Figured someone might have a pile of older ones sitting around that aren't in use and too old to care.
Got it. Would 3.5" ones that need a power brick be okay or would you like newer 2.5" self-powered ones?
Honestly, 3.5" with external would work fine - especially if it has a power switch... :D

6 months ago I threw out 3 old ones I had. And of course... yeah. oops.


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I have 2x single USB port powered drives, 15 shipped?
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Sorry - had a work emergency that has had me tied up for two bloody days right after I posted that. Reviewing PMs and everything else now - this week went to @ #%@ hell.
I've got an old 1.8" zif 120gb HD in USB powered enclosure lying around if a screaming 30mbps floats your boat. :). Obviously bus powered, yours for the cost of shipping to a fellow old timer.
Done and done guys - thanks all! Got the three I needed. Honestly was trying to use up folks old, beat up USB2 drives and stuff - things that have very little use for most folks any more. I'm recycling!