WTB: $100 gpu (1650/1660/2060 range)

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Mar 4, 2007
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Looking for an nvidia gpu with 3+ hdmi or displayports to drive 4 4k screens. Currently using a 1650 which is fine but it doesn't have another 4k capable port to add the third screen. Prefer 16/20 series but budget is limited. Let me know what you have!
I wish you luck. I have a GTX960 with a lot of outputs and 4GB ram, but that doesn't seem like enough ram.

From Here:

"Finally, if you are not gaming, plan on needing at least 1.5GB of video memory for each 4k display you will be running unless your system is solely used for light tasks such as showing pictures or playing movies. In that case, 1GB of video memory per display should be more than sufficient. If you are gaming, the amount of video memory you need per display is going to depend heavily on the game but will almost certainly be at least 2GB. To be safe we recommend having at least 4GB of video memory per display, but if you play games like Skyrim with lots of mods you may find that you need as much as 6GB of video memory."

Not sure how accurate it is but thought I'd post it to help in your search.
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