WoW; 6h expansion Legion

One thing that has kept me playing again, and happy is trying out different specs for my fav classes. Right now I just started the Arms spec for Warrior. I have always been Prot on him, and start of Legion chose Fury, but never get comfortable with Fury, so my Warrior was only played a bit throughout this expansion. I always preferred my Frost DK way more as far a Plate DPS melee class goes.

But decided to give Arms a try, I just got my artifact weapon this morning, and had a few AP tokens saved, so right away I had like 10.5 billion AP to put into the weapon, which filled up the weapon 100% on all traits, plus like level 6 of concordance, right now at AK 62.

Still reading up on the spec and talents to use, and figure a comfortable rotation. Right now I am i935, mainly due to my Fury gear, I have a good Legendary that is BiS for Arms it seems, leftover from playing Fury.

So for now I am giving up on heroic Raiding, and having a lot more fun trying out different builds on characters I never tried before.
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Yeah, I am still undecided to whether or not to gear any of my characters because it's so close to the end of the expansion, I mainly want to at least get the Class Order Hall for as many characters as possible and do Mage Tower, which apparently is ending with Legion.

Just not sure if I have the time to do all that. I will most likely gear at least 1 char (either DK or DH, my main Mage will probably wait until BfA before I pick her up again). So chances are I might loosely gear one character and leave the rest at bare minimum.

Currently have 2h a day per weekday and about 15h total on weekends, have 4 level 85's besides DH, and still have the level 110 boost, which I might use on a druid and get her to use gather stuff.

EDIT: Does AP drop like candies at 110? It seems like it isn't difficult to max out your weapon's abilities.
I just started again, haven't played since Panda, and barely played during that expansion. Currently only on WoD, I know , I know. I'm way behind. Leveled my main which is a Worgen Hunter to 100, and I'm hearing that grinding for the end game content of WoD is a waste of time, so I'll probably preorder BFA and get legion with it this week. I've got till August to have some fun with the expansion.
EDIT: Does AP drop like candies at 110? It seems like it isn't difficult to max out your weapon's abilities.

You don't need much if you don't have any, they tuned it so it gives massive amounts now, 1 token at lvl 110 will suffice to fill all slot's (or most), after that you just add to the last thing that keeps improving.

With the WQ's and argus you can get to ilvl 900+ pretty fast.
Your opinions on specs at the end of Legion

I played 4 characters in Legion;

- Demon Hunter
- Death Knight
- Paladin
- Warrior

Demon Hunter I did Havoc, was ok at it, but Demonic turned me off, I missed Fel Blade too much, and hitting DB + CS most the time gets boring AF, and without the ring was waiting too long on Fury to build up. Cool class but Demonic made it frustrating and not my thing.

Death Knight I played both a Blood Tank and Frost Knight, I am not the best Tank, but Blood is great I really like it. Frost Knight only recently got good again, once they finally dropped that stupid BoS build, and went to the Obliterate. With the old BoS I could never do any good damage for some reason, I sucked at it, but with the 7.3 Obliterate build, I could do 1.5m dps easily. I hope Frost stays where it's at

Paladin I played Protection Tank, it's freaking great with the Legs + Helm legendary's, AOE is freaking crazy good on this spec, and easy to heal myself. I am just not the best Tank on Raid bosses, but I like it a lot. I just recently tried Ret for the first time, it seems cool, but hard for me to get comfortable with it, seems a bit clunky and hard to find a good flowing rotation like Frost or Arms. But I am still in Tank gear mostly.

Warrior, I was Fury and Protection most of Legion, just last week switched to Arms for the first time, and man I love Arms, much better rotation than Fury, and it flows fast, and Leap + Charge are so fun and make the class easy to get around quickly. I have to say Arms surprised me with how much I like it. For some reason Fury never sat right with me, could never get it going properly and do high damage, whereas Arms I can do much higher DPS right away being brand new to it. And Arms has a simple rotation and fun procs.

So at the end of Legion, I say I like Arms Warrior + Frost Knight the best, I like simple rotations that attack fast, and are easy to play. I want to like Ret Paladin, but the rotation or something doesn't feel right, and compared to easy simple few spell rotations of both Arms and Frost, it seems Ret isn't the same as those ?
I am brand new to both Ret paladin and Arms Warrior just as of last month. My paladin has been Prot Tank since BC days, I never once tried Ret spec ever before, and just wanted to give it a shot as of a few weeks ago. Same with my Warrior, I just created him in WoD he was Prot Tank as well, and then half way through legion I gave Fury a try for several months, but could never get comfortable with Fury for some reason, I couldn't find the right rotation or get the damage going like I should.

Arms Warrior;

On my Arms Warrior I have only been playing like 3 weeks, I can do like 1.1m dps easily overall in a Mythic+ run, that's not great, but not bad. On Raid runs I am doing 1.5m dps. He hits like a mack truck, and is very fast and easy to get around thanks to Charge and Leap. I really like this spec, way more fun than Fury, for some strange reason i was only doping like 750k dps, and I just didn't like the play style or feel of Fury, whereas Arms is much more fun, and simpler, and just a blast to play.

Ret Paladin;

I just spec'd into Ret a couple weeks ago, so still in partial Tank gear and only have one Legendary. My damage isn't that great yet, only doing like 800k dps. But for some reason I am glued to this Ret guy, I really want to play him more and more. Even though my Arms Warrior is more bad ass, and dishes out way higher damage, but I want to play the Ret Paladin more. And I like the simpler easy Arms rotation better, I think Ret's is a little clunky and not as straightforward to play, but not sure why I keep going back to play this Ret guy the most the past few weeks ? Something draws me to the Retribution Paladin the most this month, and I can't say why ? He's my lowest damage guy, my i955 Frost DK does 1.6m dps minimum, my Arms Warrior does 1.1 to 1.5m dps, so those two characters of mine are way more powerful, but I must be a sucker still trying to figure out this Ret guy ?
Arms feels pretty fun on beta too. Overpower is baseline now, replacing Colossus Smash which becomes a cooldown buff. Then there's a talent that lets you proc Executes no matter the target health. Feels good.
Been playing off and on throughout the expansion. Leveling wise I have done to 110 w/ End Game Normal Hunter/Druid/Mage/DK/DH/Warlock/Paladin/& just finished leveling my Brewmaster Monk so I can raid on him now.

Tanking classes:
Apparently Brewmaster is king right now, but I can't for the love of all that is holy quite master stagger. Big Big Challenge.
Druid Is great, but they're getting nerfed hard come BFA.
Blood Deathknight is fun & translate will thus far into BFA.
Demon Hunter, fast pace, king of M+ content & my goodness their self-healing is insane. Like a rogue DK in a way.
Paladin is not far behind I would say 3rd overall. Never get's old if that makes sense.

Fire Mage is my jam, so glad the legendary becoems a talent come BFA.
Hunter will always have my heart, & even though Marks rocks at DPS overall, you can play whatever & enjoy.
Warlock is the class I first started this game on, it's changed so much from Vanilla, but what class hasn't. Need to give it another go.
Shadow Priest, biggest issues is getting that burst damage, but I have to admit. I love when I can go ape shit purple & blow mobs up.

Healing wise I have only done Priest as Holy & I'm glad I went this route. Holy has so many tools & way to get out healing on a raid. Throw this on a tank, hit melee with that. Oh quick boost to a dps in fire.
I would like to learn Disc, but I just can't find a flow that works. My props to the ones that do, Disc priest are scary when mastered.
Mistweaver Monk is what I played in Panda-land. I really miss them from that era, but I look forward to playing them in BFA.

If you want to Raid Finder or Mythic raid / M+ dungeons. Now's the time to get in & do it. Still plenty of folks leveling alts & running.
If doing Raid Finder, I suggest earlier in the week after reset due to folks being able to carry vs later on. Less wipes I've seen to mechanics.

I love the game, it's kept me from drugs, knocking girls up, running the streets, & overall out of trouble for 10 years now. It's insane that I have played it that long...I love it & hate it. Jump in though, got plenty of time to enjoy Legion before BFA.

Now looking onward to BFA as a whole. I'll be honest, I will play it, but it's a matter of WHEN not IF. It's been talked about in this threat already and everywhere else. Taking away Artifact Weapons & pruning classes more is just wrong. It feels like everyone bought into Legion & are now being punished for it.

Not happy at all watching BETA & seeing the lack of spells on the action bars.
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Just started back up 4 days ago and already 18 hours in on my new character. Trying to get that new elf race for the horde. The reputation shit is getting tedious!