Worst Company In America 2011

Yes, they did a great job donating $1,000,000.00 to a cleanup project that will cost easily 100x that amount

I thought it was $20,000,000.00...the amount agreed upon with the U.S. govt. just to cover torts submitted by business owners and residents of the region?

I don't think they "donated" anything...it sounded to me like they took full responsibility for spill and it's clean-up.

And you're right....how they could design a pipeline system without a decent emergency cut-off...just seems like common sense. :confused:
BP might qualify as scumbags of the year.

But, their entire story is now old news. Nobody is talking about them anymore (at least not to the degree they were when the pipe was spewing oil).

Me personally? If the AT&T buyout of Tmo was a guarantee, I'd have to shit on AT&T permanently. We'll be back to 1 phone company 1 choice real soon, you can kiss the cellular market goodbye, caps there, caps on DSL/U-Verse, so telephony won't even be a choice soon either.

The fucking that they can put on the entire U.S. could be legendary for the 2nd time. I hate government involvement, but for this scenario, I'll make an exception, I hope they block the sale of T-mo.
None of those; Monsanto is the most evil corporation in the world.

One of the most evil corporations that no one really knows exists... unless you're a farmer, or watched one of the many foodumentary movies that have come out.
So the list has all of the companies that even matter at all in it...lawl.

It's like they just made a quick list of a few of the biggest, most successful companies in the world and then BAM they had an article up.
Based solely on the pure low down greediness of many of their business practices it is easily Ticketmaster.
Based solely on the pure low down greediness of many of their business practices it is easily Ticketmaster.

Blame the artists before you blame Ticketmaster.

Here's the dirty truth:

Ticketmaster/LiveNation actually only collects about $5 per ticket for themselves. ALL of the other fees on that ticket go to the artist, the venue and the promoters via a contract that dictates how much percent of all other fees go to who.

Ticketmaster is actually charging the majority of those fees on behalf of the artist, venue and promoters to give the impression that their concert tickets are reasonably priced. They're the willing patsy for the venom regarding total per ticket prices for shows.

Ticketmaster will have a hard time being dethroned: Artists, venues and promoters who collectively charge "only" $30 per seat for a show would lose a shitload of money if they used a different ticketing agent that also listed the seat price as $30.



I stopped buying RIAA affiliated releases because of their BS. I'd buy the CD at the show instead to ensure that the bands got a bigger cut per sale.

Because of this Ticketmaster bullshit... I've stopped going to shows where I can't pay the ticket printed price at the door. So that means I've seen exactly zero major label/RIAA artists in concert in the last 5 years.

Last week, I ended up running into someone at my watering hole and having this conversation. Turns out, he's the guy that sets the ticket prices for the premium seating areas. (Yes, nationally.) He confirmed everything. He had to add that when artists like Trent Reznor slam Ticketmaster for outrageous ticket prices... that they were still collecting on every single one of those fees. (Top acts tend to get about 90% of the fees in total)
funny timing, as i'm in the process of dumping bank of america. they've gotten better but it's too little too late
You can watch the DirecTV/Dish network match on Pay-Per-View for the low low price of $39.99!

Unless there's a thunderstorm of course.....
Going by my own personal experience,Comcast,hands down. Although based on the overall effect their incompetence,greed,and dishonesty had on so many people,BP should probably win.
Everyone company on that list should win. They are all piss poor.

However, I think BP will take this one.
There are no real contenders to BP in this. The damage they did (still available..) and how they handled it.
It should be Chase, or B of A. Seriously, some of those people should be in jail and they are protected my the best politicians that money can buy.
While the bp thing is bs they still took sole responsibility and paid out the ass for it. Nationally speaking Comcast will still probably win. They provide entertainment and internet services that people notice because of shit performance and quality. The banks have stated policies fucking people as opposed to just fucking them.
There are seriously not enough financial company thieves on this list. As crappy as some of the big retail and tech companies are, they are amateurs compared to the scale of the corruption on Wall St.
I no like the way this is set up. It kinda biases certain votes. I dont know some of those companies should be able to be knocked off in the first round.

My vote, after working there 5 years and truly knowing what they do to customers, BofA.

I'd say BofA sucks balls but someone would be able to enjoy that.

Comcast sucks pretty bad too, though after dealing with Charter here in Nevada, I almost want Comcast back.

I called Charter to ask where to return the POS cable modem they were renting to my sister before I got her a decent one that didnt cost $10 a month and the person on the phone wouldn't tell me an address because I didnt want to do the security questions. That is they wouldn't give out the address of their local office. Then the supervisor and the manager above did the same thing. They wanted to verify me so they could try and sell me something. If I didnt want to listen to the sales pitch they weren't going to look up the address. There are about 50 payment addresses in Reno, only one takes equipment.
It should be Chase, or B of A. Seriously, some of those people should be in jail and they are protected my the best politicians that money can buy.

You have no idea. I had proof of fraud and deception, false charges, etc and could not get any law enforcement to listen to me or media to take the story.
Why is Facebook on that list? It's not a pay for service and all the privacy craziness going on is only a bigdeal because idiot people put every detail of their lives on their pages. Once it gets made public, they get all bent out of shape. Don't like their company, delete all, no money lost. At best they are an advertising company, so where is Google, Yahoo?

Lot of companies don't rank on the worst list and don't deserve being associated with the likes of BP, BoA, etc.

That said, the US Government should be and gets my vote.
Lot of companies don't rank on the worst list and don't deserve being associated with the likes of BP, BoA, etc.

I didn't understand that either. Apple, Microsoft, and a few other companies on there haven't done anything really rotten last year. They may be disliked by an extremely small (and vocal) subset of their respective anti-fan-bases, but overall everyone likes them both, the iPad2 and Win7 have both been knock-out-of-the-park successes.
Two things really pop out at me, companies that created massive ecological disasters, and massive financial ruin. All the rest are pretenders... oooh we have caps of bandwidth now... wow yeah that's totally way worse than what BP did.

I don't even know what's supposedly wrong with some of the "contenders". What did CVS and Johnson and Johnson do to anyone?

Well... there was that one time that Johnson's No More Tears shampoo forced itself on me, but you should have seen what I was wearing. I totally deserved it. Especially 'cause it bought me dinner first.

At least I didn't cry.
AT&T hands down will win.

Not likely. I know people that work there and they don't completely hate it. I've also known many people at Gamestop and they all love it. Though they do all say that the customers (if anything) are what make it difficult to deal with sometimes.
My vote is for whoever wins the 2nd round AT&T vs. Apple battle royale. I revile both of those companies and will go out of my way to make sure I don't spend a dime with either of them.

Sony and Facebook would be my other picks outside of AT&T / Apple.
I'm calling it now. Final bracket: BP vs Bank of America.

Financial meltdown vs Oily Death.
Hate to rain on some of your parades but if you think comcast is bad, you clearly never put up with charter. I have had both as companies and comcast is great compared to charter. Also note that charter made the top 15 worst companies list and comcast did not.

I have to agree on this point. My uncle has Charter and they truly are terrible. I personally have Time Warner and Charter makes them look like a gift from God.
Bank of Destroy America gets my vote. They really should do tech companies in a different chart. Still, throw "US Government" in the winner bracket and call it good.
Considering BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, Goldman all facilitated a crash that now has un- and under- employment at 16%, destroyed trillions in wealth and yet they still run our government, it shouldn't even be a contest. Everything else is petty besides these guys.

The 6 biggest banks now represent something like 46% of our GDP. They've grown over 600% in the past 15 years. You do not grow 600% at an established large bank unless you're f***ing customers, in this case, the entire country.
>Its largest division is BP America, which is the biggest producer of oil and gas in the United States and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Please, think before you TROLOLOLOLOOLOL...

but it's incorporated in UK and is still a UK company. it just has a fat leg in north america