Work from home make PC sales had a significant rise for the first time in a very long time ?


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Sep 10, 2020
Early 2020 we had the usual trend of the decline of personal computer sales:


Q4 and total year:

Q42020 sales were 26.1% higher than in Q42019.

That give an idea of the pressure hardware supply chains must have, it is not just gaming PC/consoles that exploded, but regular work computer seem to have got quite the burst, over 300 millions annual sales.
Lenovo, HP, Dell, Apple, Acer pre-build will have some gaming rigs for some of them, but mostly I would imagine they are not specially made for gaming computer.

But yes, even if only 5% of them has a someone recent discrete GPU attach (say a 60/40 split between laptop and desktop with 12.5% attach rate) that would be 15 millions video card to ship just on new computer sold (without upgrade on older machine) and I imagine completely custom rigs do not show up above, traditional PC being I imagine premade one.
Sadly most people I know still have a laptop on a desk in their home offices without so much as a docking station or real monitor(s). Even a lot of my programming co-workers are this way. The less technically inclined ones (not the programmers) even think laptops are faster because "desktops are so oldschool!" These are the same people who think wifi is better than ethernet. I guess minimalism and futurism have gotten conflated.
Biggest change I notice is there are absolutely no second hand large TVs in my country at all. Everybody needs their own TV to get space from their household.
I hate to repeat it again but... unprecedented demand at all levels of an already gimped supply chain.

Even autombile sales are getting bottlenecked because of chip shortage

The ongoing semiconductor shortage isn’t just hitting big-name tech companies like AMD, Intel, and Nvidia. According to multiple automotive manufacturers, the general manufacturing problems hitting the industry are now meaningfully slowing vehicle production.

  • Toyota has slowed production on the Tundra,
  • Ford pulled in some planned downtime for its Louisville facility,
  • Fiat Chrysler has temporarily closed some factories, and
  • Volkswagen has announced it’s facing component shortages and may slow production for this reason.
  • Nissan hasn’t seen problems in the US, but its Japanese production has been slowed.
In some cases, the automakers are slowing production of slower-selling vehicles and diverting more chips to higher-end vehicles like pickup trucks and SUVs. This implies the epidemic may accelerate the ongoing US shift towards SUVs and away from passenger sedans.

“This is absolutely an industry issue,” Toyota spokesman Scott Vazin told the AP.
How's this hitting INTEL? Intel has its own fabs unlike garbage AMD.
I am not sure, how would Intel avoid the pressure of an explosion of demand just because they own fabs:

And they had many supply issue pre-pandemy that is still ongoing (that why they are trying to buy more from the TSMC of the world instead of mostly making everything in house).
Am I the only one who thinks there is something wrong with the title of this thread?
Yeah, I keep reading it over and over and it doesn't compute. I understand what was meant though.

In any case, it doesn't take a genius to realize with all these people WFH and kids on Zoom school, yeah, there are gonna be a LOT of PC sales.