WMM slowing speeds on wireless N


Limp Gawd
Feb 9, 2012
Recently got a new netgear 3500L to replace an old wrt54gl so that I could upgrade to gigabit and wireless N throughout the house. After playing with configurations and messing around with settings, I've finally found the issue that I'm having when it comes to streaming HD content off of an HD Homerun Prime (cablecard system). Whenever WMM is enabled, it just cuts out bits and pieces here and there when watching TV over the wireless (which I don't do often, but it'd be nice to have the option). Turning WMM off allows me to watch it with almost zero hickup

The problem comes in due to WMM being required to actually have wireless N, or so I've been reading. Whenever I turn it off I instantly get shut down to 54mbps with no access to the higher speeds (it goes up to 300mbps with WMM on). I've tried changing firmwares to multiple ones, including two tomato firmwares and a DD-WRT (which actually had a large amount of control over WMM though I didn't have time to mess with it much).

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way around using WMM to get the high speeds wireless N is capable of? I'd almost think there'd be a way to "trick" the router into thinking it was on but not actually doing anything, but I don't know. From reading what little I have about how it works, I'm thinking that the data is being treated more as "background" or a large file transfer and thus it's not really caring about the latency. I'd really like to get the wireless N speeds but without sacrificing my ability to stream.