Wireless setup question...


Limp Gawd
Jun 11, 2004
Alright. I'm not new to working with wifi networks, but I have a distance issue I've been asked to solve that I've yet to have to deal with... I know I can do it a few ways but I'm looking for opinions on the most effective way to accomplish this, both for signal and cost.

I have 2 houses (Say House A and House B). House A and B are roughly 450-500 feet apart with reletively clear line of site to/from most of both houses. House B is actually the "main" house but was flagged some months ago as not available for broadband do to a poor line. House A has a pending install and wants to share with House B.

House A already has a wireless network of 4 PCs (sharing 56k, ugh). Their main router (with WLAN, D-link) will become the router @ House B... And here comes the actual question...

From here, which direction should I go? Should I get a single very high gain antenna @ House B and see if I can pick up network throughout House A? Should I get 2 moderately high-gain antennas and an access point @ house A, and if I do this will I need a 3rd, one for point to point and the other for access around house A?

BTW, These houses are roural and sitting on their own 40 acres so other networks are not an issue.