Wireless router, keeps disconnecting??!?


Jan 5, 2004

I heard good things about DD-WRT so I flashed my Buffalo router (WHR-HP-G54) to the latest firmware (v23. SP2). Everything is working but my wireless connection drops frequently and its really getting on my nerves! If I leave my connection idle and then use it later, it wouldn't work and I get "acquiring network address" and then it'll connect and work again. :confused:

I can't figure out whats causing the problem or which settings would correct it. When I used the Buffalo firmware, my connection never drops but I had trouble with the adapter recognizing the network because the router sometimes wouldn't transmit. A reset for the software usually fixes it.

I would also like to note I'm getting quite a lot of TX (transmit) errors. I read the wiki link and set the ACT timing to 0 transmit power is set at 28mV.
Channel is on "Auto". FYI, I also tried changing to fixed channels, i.e. 4, 6, 7 but it didn't help.
Beacon Interval is set at 75.
Connection signal is excellent at full 54Mbps.

Does anyone have suggestions or remedies to this problem?