Wireless Bridge w/ Optimum Sagecom Router

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    Optimum provides a free Sagemcom wireless router (F@st 3965 CV) but hosts the configuration via web and then pushes the data to the device which limits flexibility. I want to add a wireless bridge to allow wireless to the 2nd floor of my house so I just picked up TRENDnet TEW-810DR (AC750). However, it appears I need to enable WDS mode but that would force me to use a WDS router and WDS devices. Would both routers need to know about each other? If so, it sounds like I won't be able to use the Sagecom as I don't have access to change that configuration. Are all devices WDS enabled? If so, I could just get another TRENDNET and get rid of the Sagemcom. Should I look for a router that doesn't force WDS and WDS devices?

    Note: Before configuring WDS, please ensure the following first:
    1. Make sure different IP addresses are assigned to each WDS supported wireless device used for bridging. (ex.,, to avoid IP address conflict. See page 34 for changing the LAN IP address.
    2. If you are using more than one WDS supported router, please make sure the LAN DHCP server is enabled on only one and disabled on all others to avoid IP address conflict. See page 35 for DHCP server options.
    3. Configure the same wireless channel and use the same on all WDS supported wireless devices. See page 20 for configuring basic wireless settings.
    4. Configure the same wireless security and key on all WDS supported devices. See page 15 for configuring wireless security settings.
    To configure WDS bridging between TEW-810DRU routers:
    1. Log into your router management page (see “Access your router management page” on page 15).
    2. Click on the Advanced tab.
    3. Select wireless band you would like to configure, Wireless 2.4GHz or Wireless 5GHz and click on WDS.
    4. Select Enable for WDS and enter the MAC address of the other WDS supported wireless device you are bridging next to AP MAC Address field. (e.g. 00:11:22:AA:BB:CC). To save settings, click Apply.
    For additional routers, make sure to disable the DHCP server first on all additional routers and configure the LAN IP address to be different on each router. You will connect devices to the LAN ports 1-4 only on all additional routers and the WAN port is not used. Then, repeat the steps for additional routers you are bridging.
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