Wireless and Wired network at home not talking to one another.


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Feb 24, 2005
So the issue I have is this: my wired network is on 192.168.1.X and my Google Wifi in the house is 192.168.86.X. Because of this, I can't get things that are wired in to see my wireless printer. I have an HP V1910 Switch that everything plugs into.

With that, would it be better for me to change the IPv4 address on the switch or on the Google Wifi? I need to get this resolved asap because I start school on Wednesday night (7/29) and will need access to the printer.
If I go under "network" on the switch and then to "VLAN interface" I can modify the one vlan that is there.

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On the Google Wifi, the starting Router Lan IP is and DHCP address pool is with an ending IP of

Someone told me that another option, since I have 2 network ports in my PC, is to run another cable from the switch and give that port a static IP in the same range as the Google Wifi.
make the Google device
Or just turn off DHCP in the Google Device and let whatever device you are using as a DHCP server dole out the IP addresses.
No, change the router LAN address to
the other numbers will change automatically.
What other networking devices do you have?
Wired would be a few PC's and game consoles. Wireless would be 4 laptops, a tv, Ring security, 4 tablets and 2 cell phones.

I just tried to change the settings you mentioned and it errors out not letting me do it. I think I have to unplug the main wifi point and see if it will let me do it then
No matter what I do I get either get an error that the subnet is not in the same group or one that says that there was an error and make sure I am connected to the internet
Unless I'm mistaken Google's Wifi has a router+firewall activated by default. It sounds like this might be a double NAT situation (router behind a router).

OP - are you running a modem or a router to the WAN port of the Google Wifi device? If the latter, you're certainly double NATed. Working under this assumption, simplest fix would be to set your google device to bridge mode and let your existing router handle everything. This will allow transparent communication between every device, wired or wireless. Unfortunately, bridge mode only works with a single base unit (IOW, you can't use the mesh capabilities of additional units and bridge mode simultaneously). If you just have one, set up bridge mode and be done.

You could also try to enable bridge mode on your actual router and turning it into a dumb modem (again working under the above assumption) and then link your google device's LAN port to your switch, and allowing google wifi to become the new dhcp host for your LAN (essentially your only router). Then set your Google device's LAN IP to and keep using your existing LAN IP range.

The alternatives look painful. Port forwarding the correct port to your wireless printer seems to be doable, but would involve you for example needing to figure out what port the printer listens on (which may be standard - I have no idea about that)

A couple of sites I ran across that share some of the common issues with google wifi's lmitations:

Ultimately, Google's wifi mesh is designed for simple plug-and-play operation and are targeted at non techie consumers. You can't disable NAT/router/firewall or create static routes in it, e.g. Bridge mode comes with severe mesh limitations, etc...
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I have my set up with the following: Modem -> Switch -> Google Wifi. I have found some that said they setup another wifi network and were able to change the Google Wifi IP when they did that. I tried and still didn't get it to work. My last option is to change the IP range on the switch which now.
If you just want/need it to work, go with Modem -> GWifi -> Switch and let the GWifi handle the routing/dhcp like it is designed to. No extra config needed.
If you just want/need it to work, go with Modem -> GWifi -> Switch and let the GWifi handle the routing/dhcp like it is designed to. No extra config needed.
This is how mine is set up. I also disabled DHCP on the ISP gateway and set it up so the google device get's the public IP addresses to eliminate double NAT issues. The only thing plugged into the gateway is a Uverse DVR that I don't want on my LAN side
This is a typical router issue. As others have mentioned get rid of the disparate network addressing, Was there a specific reason the Wireless and and wired network needed to be on different IP ranges. In most cases there is no reason to have them on different ranges. If for some reason there was a security aspect then set the router up to pass through and NAT translate.
If you just want/need it to work, go with Modem -> GWifi -> Switch and let the GWifi handle the routing/dhcp like it is designed to. No extra config needed.
Did that this morning and after a few min everything was up and running