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    Nov 14, 2012
    i had years windows xp 64 bit and unlike what others say its a bad windows it's the best windows for me
    since i play high fps games and this windows gives best fps and runs every game only dx10 games not
    i recently bought an ssd because i heard it improves gaming aswel
    but i want it to run in ahci

    my motherboard is gigabyte ga-p55a-ud4 ver 1
    i checked at ide driver wich one the ide is using
    and it said intel 5 series /3400 series

    so i slipstreamed the intel 5 series/3400 series ahci driver into windows xp 64
    but when i use this slipstreamed disk
    at setup windows don't find any hard disk

    any help plz?

    btw the ssd is samsung ssd 830
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    Feb 19, 2008
    You are on the right track for sure.

    Did you make sure that you used the XP x64 version of the AHCI drivers? Also, what I like to do with slipstreaming AHCI drivers is to select all and input them as textmode, that way you make sure you won't miss the right one.

    Here is a link to the correct driver.

    Just an FYI, Windows XP doesn't have any type of SSD support, so your write performance will eventually degrade. Windows 7 is the first OS that officially supports SSD's (TRIM) while in AHCI mode.

    Either way, that is a killer SSD and XP x64 does have good overall performance, so have fun!
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