Windows Update Service Won't Run.

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by LordSmack, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Apr 5, 2001
    Not sure what has happened but the day before yesterday I got an error stating Windows update service had stopped. I tried to run and it said the service had stopped and I needed to restart. That didn't fix it. I tried to manualy start Windows update and checked BITS and it was also off. I started both of them and then tried to run update again. I got the error the service was not running and it had indeed stopped. I fooled with it for a while and then thought Virus. The only thing had done the day before was install updates for office and visio. Outpost Antivirus had not reported anything and a full scan didn't find anything. Spybot had not reported any major problems with a full scan either, just a few tracking cookies. Just for kicks I turned on Windows defender and did a full scan as well and again nothing. While searching for soutions online I noticed the top of internet explorer had taken on that old XP look. I couldn't get it to go back no matter what I did. Then when comming back from grabbing something to drink I saw my whole screen refresh it happened in like a slpit second but I saw it. The task bar took on the Classic look for just a split second when all my icons on my desktop refreshed. I have since noticed it happen several times and Windows never used to do that. I'm stumped and have done everything except role back the OS which I figure probably wouldn't help anyway. I have attached my Hijackthis log. Please help if you can.

    Running Win7 RC (7100)