windows mac network sharing


Nov 23, 2003
i setup the network just like mac help said to do. The windows computer has a folder shared, it is in the same workgroup and has the firewall off.

on my ibook i have windows sharing on in the network category. I can see other macs that are on the network, but for some reason i cant see the PC and vice versa.

I have my firewall off and encoding off.


more info is going to be needed...mostly what OS are you using on the Mac's and PC and we can take it from there
oh sorry!

im on a g4 ibook with panther.
the other computer is a amd 2700+ on windows xp.
I have seen some issues with 10.3 and networking to PC' may want to make sure you are connected to the network and then restart both comps...when done with that go into the finder for the PB, network and your workgroup or local and see what is might need to wait for a bit for it to show up...the other thing you can do is from the desktop use the Go->Connect to server menu and manually plug in the IP address of the PC and see if you can connect that way