Windows and z490 vision G problems


Apr 2, 2021
Hello đź‘‹ got a lot of pain with my new gigabyte z490 vison G mobo.
I did changed my mobo to z490, ad 32gb ram. And did boot from my old win 7 ssd. It did boot with no problems but my interned don’t work -_- I did try to install new win 7 on it but after fighting with bios to use boot usb got problem. Basycly my nose and keyboard does not work when booted from usb -_- so can’t access any options from pendrive or instal os. so I did try install software and drivers from CD but now when win is log on I’ve got black screen with mouse -_- any way, anyone know how to unblock my mouse when trying to install new win 7 ? Ps2 mouse does not work as well-_-