Windows 8 user accounts


Sep 1, 2012
Is there a way during the install to setup with a local user account? I seem to only be able to finish if I use a Live account.

If I am using this in a domain environment, do I need to make all my Active Directory accounts become Windows Live accounts?

If I do not have Internet access, but am using a Live account to sign into the computer, can I still login? Like will it cache my login for a certain amount of times like domain user accounts can be cached up to 10 times?
The first question I can answer - it is possible to just use a local account, you can select this during install, and after the account is created, you can go to the charms bar (upper or lower right), then select settings, then select Change PC settings at the bottom, then select Users menu item, and in that menu you can switch from local to live account, and vice versa.
It works like a domain account would, you don't need to be online as it is cached as you were thinking like a domain account.
You can sign into a Live account even when offline. (After the initial setup at least)
You don't have to make your domain accounts live accounts.

At home, I used a live account but can switch back and forth between that and local. When I'm set to live - I log in to the PC using that e-mail and password.

At work, I log in to the domain account which I have the option of connecting to a live account for syncing... but I can't actually log in to the computer using my live e-mail/password.