Windows 8 Licensing...?


Nov 13, 2004
I was talking to a friend of mine who's been researching Win8 and he told me something I thought I'd better ask about...

Supposedly, with windows 8 MS has started a "Pay for installation" system where you dont actually get the windows license key (so you'll have to pay or at the least call the OEM each time to re-install 8) --- that only a very few places are selling the actual key with the Disc...

Also supposedly windows 9 will go purely to this "pay for a one-time install".

Anyone know anything about this? Likewise if it's true anyone know what retailers are still selling the actual key with W8? (I'm sticking with 7 as long as I can but I know eventually I'll have to upgrade and I dont want to get a 1-time-install key...)


Fully [H]
Feb 19, 2008
That article wasn't that helpful.

Windows 8 activation can be very easy. There are a few different editions and as long as you use the matching media type the system will automatically activate.

  1. Use a utility to extract the product key (just to verify the Windows version)
  2. Use the product key with a PID checker that verifies the SKU
  3. Install the OS from media that matches the SKU

That's it.