Windows 8 install stuck at black screen


Dec 19, 2008
I did windows 8 pro upgrade install from vista. I tried to install drom dvd option first and it will just hang on black screen after one of the reboots during install. I tried reinstalling vista and did the install without dvd and I still get stuck on blank screen with only mouse showing.
Anything else I can try to get past this? I am doing install on my computer in sig. Thanks.
I believe it has to do with UEFI in Windows 8 using GUID Partition Tables instead of the MBR.

You need to go into BIOS or open your boot menu and select the new "Windows Boot Manager" item that will now be present.

If you are having this problem with a motherboard that doesn't support UEFI install Windows 8 with only the system hard drive plugged in (to make sure it's using the MBR).
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