windows 7 mouse fix


Jun 16, 2004
i know there are fixes for mouse accell in windows XP and Vista, and I am now on 7 and once again notice it.

Is there a CPL fix for Windows 7?

before it was a .reg file that you added to your registry that fixed the acel, but the vista one doesnt work on windows 7, did someone make one specifically for 7?
What fix do you want?
I just disable mouse acceleration in XP and its great without any other tweaks.
my understanding is theres been a glitch that even tho you disabled it via the mouse menu, its still enabled to an extent. There are fixes out there, that correct this microsoft glitch. I am first off wondering if that glitch is still present in 7 (feels like it) and if there is a fix out there for it.
See if a different mouse exhibits the problem less.
That might be a feasible solution.
already done. Its not going to be noticed in anything but games. And only the hardcore of the hardcore gamers will notice, most others will just play and assume everything is hunky dory. Basically windows adds acceleration to the mouse so its not 100% consistant speed. The faster you move the mouse the more acceleration that is applied. In windows and doing normal stuff you will not notice.

I have had this issue in vista on 4 different mice. And now I am on windows 7 and noticing it with both my death adder and razer mamba.

I am probably on the wrong forums looking for this, but since this is the one i frequent the most I figured id give it a try.
Maybe, the most hardcore gamer chaps need to catch the thread.

I also am using a Deathadder and have only found one issue with it, it tries to keep a left/right movement in a flat straight line so isnt the best mouse for freehand artwork.
Its never caused a problem in games though and I cannot perceive any acceleration no matter how hard I try to find it (on XP 32).

I wonder if its a fault only exhibited on some windows installs?
Some unknown setup/config combo?
I just did a test that categorically proves there is no mouse acceleration on my setup, its not that its present and I cannot notice it.

Mouse acceleration increases the faster you move so when moving right fast, if mouse acceleration is present at all, less movement will be required to make it reach the right edge of the screen.
Then moving slowly back to the left edge would take more physical mouse movement than moving to the right edge, so the physical mouse would end up left of its starting position if acceleration is present.

1) I marked the position of my physical mouse with its pointer on the very left of the screen.
2) Then swiftly moved it to the right until the mouse pointer is close to the right edge.
3) Then slowly moved it back so the pointer is on the same screen position as at the start.
Repeated a lot of times.

My original start position was maintained at the end of many attempts so there is no acceleration on my PC.
Strange eh?
whenever I leave this forum to google some stuff, I find it again in the google results :D

so I thought this maybe important because a friend told me that he can now make the upgrade from Vista to 7 because this fix is released. and gave me this link. (the xp/vista one)

I don’t have any idea about the whole thing but 1:1 was ok in MouseMovementRecorder.exe (example from the fix author) before and after applying the fix in Windows environment.
I switched CS:S to windowed mode and 1:1 was NOT working correctly in MouseMovementRecorder.exe before the fix (green and red colors), and it wasn’t fixed after applying so I guess I’m missing something.

edit: so the enhance should be on not off!

'Enhance pointer precision' OFF means: Acceleration is turned OFF.

'Enhance pointer precision' ON means: Acceleration is turned ON.
This fix applied means: How much acceleration is turned ON? Zero acceleration = 0.0.

Both OFF and ON give the same result = No acceleration, but why manually turn it on and then use the fix to set the amount of acceleration to zero?
Old games can turn it on, and you sometimes can't stop that. When that happens you use this fix to set the amount of acceleration to zero, but there is no point in manually turning acceleration on.

In Counter-Strike you can use this fix and remove your -noforcemparms. But I wouldn't do that. I would continue to use -noforcemparms and set 'Enhance pointer precision' OFF, because if you do that you don't even need any fix for Counter-Strike.
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