Windows 7 Drivers for Gateway MX6440?

Matt Welke

Limp Gawd
Mar 17, 2004
Hey, not sure exactly where to post this, I searched around the net quite a while and also did a few quick searches in the forum but couldn't find anything. I'm converting my PC's to W7 and I'm looking for drivers for an older laptop I purchased in 2006. It's a Gateway MX6440. It came with Windows XP Media Center Edition.

What I'm hoping for is that somebody happens to have this model and has successfully converted it to W7 and so could help me out, but if anybody has any idea what I could do that would also help. Wifi is recognized perfectly by the OS drivers, no need to install, but I still need sound and video. Two very important things in my opinion. :p


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 20, 2006
For each device, go to the device manager and open the properties for the device. On the details tab, look for the hardware ID.

You should see something like this:

VEN is the Vendor ID and DEV is the device ID. Basically, with these two numbers, you can tell what hardware it is. Then you can go to the manufacturers website and get the drivers for that specific piece of hardware.

Once you have the VEN and DEV ID, you can use the PCI database to figure out what the hardware is. If you can't find it there, just google and you should find it.