Windows 11 never combine labels fix


Mar 28, 2010
So, evidently Win 11 removes the ability to set the option to never combine labels* on your task bar.

Is there any word on if/when that feature will be restored?

* Combine labels means that when you have multiple windows open of the same program you see only 1 icon on the task bar for it. W10 has an option to never combine them so that if you have 2 windows of the same program open (explorer for example) you see two instances open on the task bar
Is there an option for it to just randomly pick an instance, perhaps of a completely different program, even? Because I feel like that's what happens, sometimes.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'd rather not use 3rd party solutions due to the sensitivity of some of the work I do so I think I'll roll back to 10 for now.