Windows 11 May Not Run on Early Ryzen, Threadripper, Skylake-X, or Any Pre-2016 Intel PC


Sep 18, 2020
Personally I liked skype better then teams (for interoffice IM) as thats all I use it for.

I just wish teams auto erased everytime you closed it like skype did. :(


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May 5, 2006
Personally I liked skype better then teams (for interoffice IM) as thats all I use it for.

I just wish teams auto erased everytime you closed it like skype did. :(


-encrypted connections
-encrypted metadata
-self destructing messages.
-messages can't be read by the company
-never been implicated in giving customer's data to intelligence agencies
-company provides transparency report
-signal is open source (most aren't)
-has recent code audit (signal and one or two others)

I had been using Viber for awhile before migrating to Signal. According to this chart, Signal, Threema, and Wire are the best:

The problem is getting everyone you want to communicate with on board with the app - since other apps are "built" into devices and operating systems so are more universally adopted and familiar.

I remember in the early days of Facebook my sister started using facebook mail as the default mailer for her family correspondence. I squashed that right away. :eek:
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Sep 28, 2018
Frank Lesniak (@FrankLesniak) Tweeted:

Old article from 3 years ago (worst case performance on unsupported CPUs can be a 200x hit)

Brent Arkley (@Borecxx) Tweeted:

What I did find was a line in the Windows Internals 7th Edition book by Mark Russinovich and Alex Ionescu. It states:

So here is our first evidence of a potential performance point. If MBEC is not available then it uses Software Emulation in the form of RUM.

The next insight came from Rafal Wojtczuks VBS Security Analysis from 2016

The full document is here:
or youtube video

Enabling HVCI (along with VBS) results in performance hit in Windows 11


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Jul 11, 2001

It's a good feature for it's intended purpose, business computers potentially handling sensitive information, where the most hardware intensive task they perform is compressing zip files and using Office 365.

I'm not sure why it's being twisted into some anti-windows thing, since it's not being pushed on anyone, and worst case scenario, you can simply disable it... Article said:
The thing to note, though, is that VBS is not enabled by default for all clean installs of Windows 11. I downloaded the latest ISO version of the OS in order to check VBS out on our test rig, but had to do some registry editing, and BIOS tweaking, in order to actually enable it. So, it's nothing to be concerned about if you're just grabbing a Windows 11 download for a fresh install yourself. Article said:
not when upgrading from Windows 10 Article said:
But Windows 11 PCs, built by the biggest OEMs, such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo, are looking likely to come with VBS as standard. What we're not clear about, however, is whether those companies' gaming brands will also have VBS enabled.

So basically, not an issue for anyone who does a clean install, or anyone who upgrades from windows 10. If you buy a prebuilt PC, it might come with it enabled, but I have a hard time believing that a gaming-oriented pre-built would come with this enabled. And if you do end up with a system that has it enabled, then just disable it...