Windows 11 factory reset - doesn't meet system requirements


Oct 27, 2014
The laptop is already running Windows 11, and in trying to do a clean install of it my girlfriend gets the "doesn't meet system requirements" problem. I can't do it myself and just had her use the typical Windows 11 installer, which doesn't work. Do I have to run her through Rufus and burning the .iso to a USB, or is there an easier way to get around this?
Do a fresh install of Windows 10.
Download the Windows 11 23H2 iso. No modifications needed. Double-click the ISO to mount it. Make note of the drive letter (for later instructions, let's assume the mounted ISO is now the D: drive)
Open Powershell as Administrator (Do a windows search for "Powershell", and then click "Run as Administrator" on the right side)
enter the command "D:" (without quotes) to switch the prompt to the D: drive (the mounted ISO).
enter the command "./setup.exe /product server" (make sure to include the period before the slash)
Proceed with Windows 11 install. Ignore text about installing "Windows Server" during the install, as it's definitely installing Windows 11 at that point.

If your girlfriend can't do this herself, then after the fresh install of Windows 10, she can install something like Teamviewer and you can take over from there.
Thanks I appreciate it! It's W11 installed on a pc for W8. I ended up suggesting she just use Rufus and it had the option to do that for her basically. I had not heard of that method before but thanks for the information.