Windows 10 random (and rare) hang where explorer and other interfaces wont open or respond, windows goes unresponsive?


Sep 12, 2008
I'm running win 10 20H2, randomly but thankfully rarely, i run into this issue.

I have an i9-10900k overclocked only to a mild 4.9ghz at 1.257v fixed in the bios, ram at 4000mhz (xmp). It was stress tested a few months ago and passed all tests.

I havent had this happen but once or twice but each time it forces me to basically hit reset.

This last instance i had netextender vpn running (which can be buggy in and of itself), i disconnected, then suddenly i couldnt open any new explorer instances, no cpu usage was going on so i killed all explorer.exe and tried to reopen explorer but it wouldnt come up.

Felt to me like the hdd's werent responding basically, however i could open a command prompt and show directory contents on all my drives (all 4 are nvme). I checked event viewer, there were no issues that seemed related. After the reset i checked for smart errors on the drives, no issues there either.
Has anyone ever ran into anything similar before?

Thanks in advance