Windows 10 keeps waking up


Limp Gawd
Jan 4, 2013
Never had a problem with Windows 7. Typing powercfg -requests in the command prompt, I got this message:

[DRIVER] Filesystem\srvnet
An active remote client has recently sent requests to this machine
Does your computer wake up at random? Googling this stuff didn't help.
Have you tried disabling media streaming, or blocking the srvnet driver from keeping the PC awake (or waking the PC)? See the following:

You could also disable the update task from waking the PC to check for O/S updates (but the task may re-enable itself periodically). See here:

The latter tweak worked (for a while) to stop one of my Windows 10 PCs from waking up every/most nights.
I had an unsupported usb driver, when the device was plugged in kept the screens from sleeping or caused intermittent sleeping.
Win10 was waking up every 15 or so minutes for me. Using Event Viewer, I found that the Windows Time service was waking up the PC to notify me that the time had been changed. I went to Control Panel -> Date and Time and unchecked "Notify me when the clock changes", but why was it doing that so often? While still in the Date and Time Control Panel, I clicked the Internet Time tab, clicked Change Settings and switched to, then pressed "Update now". When I went back to the Internet Time tab, it now says "Next synchronization:" one week from now. The problem seems to be solved now.