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    I’m not sure what we are supposed to be looking for.
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    I'd check first if you have the taskbar icons set to small size, or not - which you can do by:

    Right-click the blank area on your taskbar and then select properties. Select or deselect the square box with either a check or white in it. Choose small icons, press apply, and press ok when you are happy with the size.

    Alternatively the same options are found by opening the control panel, in the "taskbar and navigation" settings.

    Using the larger size for taskbar icons will result in them looking similar to ones shown below:


    Other than that - you should probably look at customisation tools, like WindowBlinds - as mentioned by ZeqOBpf6. I'm not sure though which tools if any let you modify the taskbar's icon size.

    This article discusses a few of the common taskbar settings and how to change them:

    This article discusses the WindowMetrics key that you originally referred to on Windows 10 - but note that the MinWidth value is not shown - but perhaps editing the other values will give you the result you're after:

    The values on my own computer (running Win 10 Pro) from that key are:
    "Shell Icon Size"
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    Thanks guys and I'll have a look at tinkering with those reg settings in a bit.

    I realized what I am wanting Windows 10 does by default, but only if you have "always combine" taskbar buttons enabled, which I always disable right off the bat so I didn't even notice at first. In Win10 if you disable that setting it shows the whole button with the text and wastes a lot of space. But I don't like combining them either.

    Since it's done by default it should be easy enough and they probably just changed the name of the setting they use to define it from what previously used to work. Maybe it's one of those ones, I'll mess with it shortly.
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