Win9x, 2k, & XP in one network, any gotchas?


Limp Gawd
Mar 20, 2002
I've just been asked to create a network for a summer camp.

All they need is basic file sharing so they can end the use of SneakerNet. We're talking six or seven systems running Win9x, Win2k, and WinXP. There's no need for a central server and indeed no resources to create one.

All of the systems use dialup for internet access, but there would NOT be internet connection sharing. So, all systems would have both an NIC and a modem installed. I vaguely recall certain OS's having issues with this. Anyone remember anything specific concerning this?

So, I'm looking for gotchas here. Anything I need to do to the 2k/XP settings to make them play nice with Win9x? Any issues that y'all can foretell?