Win7 guest mode - make changes through admin account possible?


Sep 17, 2004
Hi all,

I'm looking to setup a few public computers for some students to use. I'd like to install Win7 and various software and then create a "Student" account and turn on Guest Mode for that account so that they can't install stuff, make changes, etc. Previously, I have used an Admin account and a Limited User account in XP with SteadyState to do the same thing.

I'm curious - if I do this, can I go into the Admin account and make changes to the Student (guest mode) account? Or will it not work? Will I have to turn off guest mode, make the changes, and then turn guest mode back on?

Also, I assume that updates (like Windows update, MSE, and so on will still be able to update for ALL accounts, correct?

Thanks. I'll probably try it out on a virtual machine first just to make sure it works the way I want, but I'd appreciate any info I can get now.