Win10 Creators Update - Startup / Shutdown issues


Jan 20, 2012
Ever since I did a clean install of Win10 Creators update I am having issues with Startup / Shutdown of my system. When I start it, sometimes it will start normally and sometimes it will hang. One of my screens will have a stripe of messed up pixels, like a graphics artifact, going across it horizontally. It did this with my SLI 1080s a few days ago and does the same thing with my new I know the cards are fine.

When I go to shut down the system, it will take longer than usual. I've timed it and it takes about 40 seconds after I hit shutdown and it closes programs and the display goes blank. The system will run, fans spun up, and then after about 40 seconds it shuts down.

Any idea what's going on? System is in my sig.


Jan 16, 2001
Yup. Did a full DDU wipe and a fresh install after putting the 1080Ti in.
Ran into this very issue. Disabling fast startup fixes it. Under power options -> choose what the power buttons do -> hit "change settings that are currently unavailable" and untick "Turn on fast startup"