Win Server Essentials 2012- SO GLAD I upgraded

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    May 24, 2006
    I don't do these posts (Hey look at me, I'm awesome!!!), but this one needed to be made...
    I am a graduate of both WHS v1 and 2011. I liked both, missed drive extender, and loathed my ATT Gateway as a result. That said, they always backed up on time, and the way I wanted, with no issues (until Drive Bender decided to bork everything and my Windows 8 laptop refused to play nice with WHS2011).

    Well, my server needed an upgrade anyway, so I decided to gut it (mostly) and start over with the new Server Essentials 2012. (SE2012 from here on)

    Old Specs: Core 2 Duo E4400, 2gb DDR2, Some s775 Asus board, and a 9800GT PE + a 2TB WD Green.

    New Specs: AMD A6-3650, 4GB DDR3, an MSI A55m-P33, an Intel 120gb SSD for the OS, and I added two more WD Green 2TB drives (total 6tb).

    I cannot emphasize it enough how easy the setup was. Drivers installed with no issues, straight from the mobo disk, and then updated through windows update. Unlike with my two WHS installs, I didn't have to trick them into thinking it wasn't a server OS etc. Getting DriveBender back in the form of storage pools was awesome, and again, set up with no issues whatsoever including built in duplication. The entire process, hardware switch included, took MAYBE 2 hours. That includes setting up a domain on the network with SE2012.

    So, compared to my previous server OS experience, I also like the new dashboard. It's a bit easier to work with and makes a little more sense, though some of the directions are incorrect (I installed the OS without the storage drives, added them later and had to move some server folders onto them, and the instructions to do that were wrong).

    I dislike the built-in remote access and use teamviewer instead. It did have an issue because apparently the new version detects the server OS and doesn't let you install for the noncommercial version. Turns out if you use ninite to install it (which I did), that problem goes away.

    Backups are also taking MUCH less time. Next up, setting up the connector on my two laptops and HTPC and setting up media streaming.

    The one big negative I have is that they included the Win8 Metro interface. While I like it on my laptop, putting it on a server OS is just retarded. No one operating a server is going to be using a touchscreen or a trackpad (where the gestures rock), and the metro interface sucks huge donkey balls on a mouse and keyboard. It just gets in the way, and since it lacks all of the interesting interactive apps, and all of the apps it DOES contain launch desktop apps, it's just six or seven tiles with no purpose. Again, I like the metro interface and gestures on my laptop when I use it (the interface, not the laptop, I use the laptop all the time), but on a server, it's kind of ridiculous.