Win 8 Chrome issue.


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Jul 30, 2008
Just installed Win 8 Pro (upgrade method) last night & Chrome didn't seem to load pages nearly as fast as Win 7 so un-installed Chrome.

Reboot, re-install Chrome, set up all my bookmarks, extensions, & settings.

Now I'm in Chrome & I have no X to shut down Chrome. I'm like WTF? So I right click the only tab open & choose to close it, but now I'm at the Start screen. I click desktop, open Chrome from desktop & now I have an X to close Chrome properly but all my previous settings, extensions & whatnot are now gone! Double WTF!?!?!?

Close Chrome, go back to start screen, open Chrome & viola! All settings, extensions, bookmarks are there but no friggen X.

What the hell is going on here? The Chrome icon in Start screen controls whether or not the Chrome icon is on the taskbar but its running Chrome from what seems like two separate install locations... The taskbar Chrome icon seems to launch a brand new install of Chrome while Start screen doesn't.

I had to set up Chrome in Start screen & on desktop. What a bunch of sh*it!

Please tell me I am not the only one with this issue?
Yea - the desktop and metro versions of chrome seem like two separate installs. I had to configure syncing on each one individually if I remember correctly. The metro version won't have the X... you have to drag it down to the bottom to close.

Also kind of annoying... if you go into another app from metro Chrome, it closes Chrome instead of hiding it like other apps. When you go back in, you're starting from scratch (with a message about Chrome closing unexpectedly that allows you to restore what you had open).

Hopefully, google gets some of the little kinds worked out - though I'm not sure if they can work around the different metro/deskop app thing.
Yea, that's my beef with Windows 8. There are two distinct UI's and set of applications for each. You have the Modern UI (Metro) version and the standard desktop version. One is for easy tablet use the other is for desktop use. Pain in the ass. I had everything set up and clicked the Chrome icon on Start Screen (just in a rush) and things were wrong. I thought someone was fucking with my stuff, so I got pissed. Went to close Chrome.... Dammit. Not on desktop. Same happens with IE10 and several other applications that have both versions. "No sir, I don't like it".

Modern UI Chrome is a lot slower than the desktop version, too. It's a widespread problem which should get fixed soon, I hope.
That was initially a frustration the first few hours I was using win 8 for the first time. Whatever your default browser is, Modern UI has it as an "app". Such that when you launch it from the start menu it'll open the "app" version which is separate from the "desktop" version.

So you have to setup chrome twice(once for desktop and the "app"), once you do that though and understand this idea, it's fine. I actually use them both interchangeably now. If I'm going to do some reading I use the "app" so it's fullscreen, then I can leave a bunch of windows open on my desktop and swap back to it if I need to.

I find this works better than going "fullscreen" (F11) in the desktop browser because you can still see your bookmarks bar and omnibar unlike F11 in the desktop version.
Now its launching with 2 tabs & I have no idea why.

Edit: If anyone could help on how I get Chrome to launch without loading 2 identical (start page) tabs that would be great.

Edit again: Solved the dual tab issue.
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