Will YOU buy Just Cause 2 ?

Will YOU buy Just Cause 2 ?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 95 39.6%
  • No...

    Votes: 145 60.4%

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Don't know, IMO 1st part sucked, so I want to see what people think of it first.
I don't buy games without knowing whether they are good or not, you should have added an option in your poll for that
Grab the demo on steam and see for yourself ;)

demo's aren't always representative of what the final game will be like, there's numerous examples of that.

Think the first 5 minutes of Swordfish, awesome writing, brilliant acting, the rest of the movie was shit.

Look at Mirror's Edge,

Brilliant demo, played the hell out of it, bought the game, actual game was boring as shit.
Voted No. Doesn't look very interesting. I am going to be a bit more hesitant in my Steam purchases as lately I have just been buying and trying and not playing again (DoW2 Combo Pack for example).
True they aren't always completely representative but you do get the general feel of the game in most cases.

and i will not be getting just cause 2, didn't like the first one, tried the demo for the second didn't much care for it either.
Liked the first and I really loved the demo for this one, so yes I'm gonna get it. Whether or not I'm gonna get it on release is another question.
Probably will get it, Most likely will wait until it's on sale or during the Steam Holiday sale (Getting a bit spoiled by that)
Honestly I thought the demo was fun as hell, especially after a few exploits..

I won't be buying it though, seems like the kinda game that gets old fast.
I want to get it, the demo was fun aside from one enormous problem. I felt like I was tripping over my own fingers time and time again with the button layout. The key placements felt absolutely insane and I eventually felt overwhelmed by the strange layout. I dare to say one should invest in a game pad if they intend on playing this game on the PC.
Played the demo and while it was a good time waster, I don''t feel it's worth $40. Maybe if/when it hits $20 on a Steam sell. But I do the developers props for dropping XP support.
I'll buy it if it's included in the Eidos Complete pack on Steam whenever Eidos decides to have another sale.
There needs to be an option for "Maybe" ... I'm really gonna wait and see with this one, especially with the GTA IV expansion coming soon. From the demo it seemed like a somewhat shallow game. Sexy, though...
There needs to be an option for "Maybe" ... I'm really gonna wait and see with this one, especially with the GTA IV expansion coming soon. From the demo it seemed like a somewhat shallow game. Sexy, though...

I've yet to see a GTA-style game with anything buy shallow gameplay. I'm just glad they kept it wild and light, unlike the more serious tone and more realistic GTAIV went for that ruined the game. At least the add-ons look interesting.
the video's on the games website pretty much sums up my reasoning for not buying it.. looks pointless and boring... yeah im going to sit there and plant explosives on some fuel tanks and drive a friggin car off a ram over them.. jump on the roof of the car and blow up the fuel tanks under the car and jump off the top of the car as its landing on the other ramp.. id rather be playing WoW(which i friggin hate with a passion) then to play some pointless game like Just Cause 2.. 10 years ago GTA style games were fun.. now its just boring as shit.. hell maybe its because im getting to damn old now.. but i just dont find that style of gaming fun anymore..
The demo was intriguing. Not worth more than $30 IMO so Im waiting for a Steam deal or something
I think it's one of the best games in years. Physics, graphics, and open level wise. It's an amazing technological feat. But the gameplay does get semi repetitive.

I still think I'll end up plunking down for it. :rolleyes::cool:
I'm amazed how much hate and apathy there is in this thread. I wonder how many of these "I hated the first one" people even tried the demo before voting no?

I wasn't big on the first one either although I saw the potential. The demo of this on its own even was WAY better than the first IMO and if you tried it out yet you owe it to yourself to do at least that.

Different strokes and all that I guess.
Already preordered it on Steam.

I didn't care for the first game (because the PC version was a port of the Xbox 1 version) and I didn't really think the second one was going to be any good until I played the demo...

Boy was I wrong...

I live for over the top action games like this, but only if they do it "right".

By "right" I mean all the elements of the game have to be polished and have a certain feel about them that makes them enjoyable. Usually games like this always screw up on one area or another, be it vehicle mechanics or AI or just poor weapon handling. This one seems to get it all right.

As far as graphics go, this is one of the best looking games I've seen since Crysis. The infinite draw distance really helps you to feel the sheer scope and size of the game world, which is around 400 square miles.

As far as gameplay goes, every aspect of the game feels like it belongs and isn't just a waste. Most of all though, the major gameplay mechanics of the game are tied together. Can I skydive and parachute above a base and toss C4 explosives from the air and then pull out a rocket launcher and rain down explosive death on my enemies? Hell yes I can.

This game has a certain feeling to it that so far only the GTA games have been able to pull off for me. Other freeroam games like Mercenaries did miserably in one area or another and ruined that feeling for me.

On the other hand, I really shouldn't be addicted to this game because it is a bit repetitive.

But I am.

This game does such a good job of making every aspect of the game fun, particularly the things that you do a lot of. I just can't get enough of it.

I put 26 hours into just the demo, with no signs of boredom yet.
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I forgot to mention that Avalanche has already released TWO patches for the PC demo of the game.

That's more support than full releases of most PC "ports" that are just thrown out there. Avalanche is definitely trying to reach out to the PC audience and satisfy them. That alone is enough to pay full price and show my support for a dev that actually tries.

The first patch fixed some issues with Nvidia drivers..

The second patch makes some more tweaks and adds in the benchmarking mode from the full game! O_O

Think I'll get this and mass effect 2 from gg! I always try and buy in 2's there since it's about $3 for S&H either way (1 or 2 games). It's been awhile since i ordered from them, but I don't remember it taking 2 full weeks. Whatever. I'd deal. I thought this game came out Tuesday? Maybe it will take that long in this case especially.