Will this PS be enough?


Limp Gawd
Dec 26, 2006
I'm looking at this PS:
Ultra X2 550W

I will be running:
e6400 (likely on a gigabyte p965-s3)
x1950pro 256MB
2 GB of PC5400 dual channel DDR2 memory
1 Hard drive
1 dvd drive
xfi xtreme music sound card
a couple fans.

Also, if/when I decide to upgrade to a dx10 card down the road, will this still have enough power? I don't plan on using SLI.

Thanks for the help!
thanks guys, and I'll make double sure lol: it won't have a problem running a dx10 card?
Best case scenario using all PSU calculators are very inaccurate. I personally would never use one.
But if you do use one un derstand that they are just a vague guideline.


That guide recommends a 750watt psu for 4x 120mm fans, some basic things, and a 8800gtx