Will there be a KV8-Pro-Max3?


Really a Ugandachick
Apr 3, 2002
That would be great, having everything you could ever want in a motherboard. Locked busses, tons of features, made by Abit. Anyone know if there will be one?
I would guess they will come out with a Max3 at some point for the K8V-Pro but they first must fix the MAJOR problems with the current board. I'm getting very fustrated with Abit and this board.

btw: The new abit KT800Pro chipset boards do not have an AGP/PCI lock right now.
Dont step in that steaming pile of ^Abit Kv8pro^!!!!!

At least not untill you hear numerous reports of locked bus's and sweet overclocks.

I want to like an Abit board, but my Kv8pro is an absolute mess imo.

If you are interested in this board you owe it to yourself to read this thread,


Especialy the part about our "pro" chipsets not locking and not even saying "pro" on them. The chipsets appear identical to a regular k8t800.

So far there are no locked bus's and the latest bios reduces Vdimm to 2.8v max.

Functional multiplier support is present in unreleased bios 15, but 15 doesnt lock bus's on my board.
same here, my kv8-max 3 is a mess too, man im pissed off at it, it has so many issues especially i cant run my mushkin lvl2 pc3500 2x512 at ddr400, only ddr333...
Yep, I was very close to getting a KV8 Pro, but decided on the Chaintech VNF3 instead. I figure that Abit will get it sorted soon, but them dropping the vdimm from 3.2v to 2.8v was the deal killer for me. Then, I was going to go the MSI route, but I am cheap and the extra $50 it costs ($145 at zipzoomfly) was not worth the integrated firewall, firewire and extra .15v for vcore. I'll just mod the VNF3 a little and hopefully be pleased...