Will i lose my 3 years warranty...


Limp Gawd
Feb 13, 2006
if i replace my Asus x1900xtx stock cooler by an Arctic Accelero X2?
What does it say in your warranty coverage. I have sold a lot of ATI cards in the last 3 years and I only had to replace 1 . Normally it says if you remove the stock cooler or O/C

It voids your warranty. I replace all the stock coolers and have an agreement with my vendor that I can replace the cooler. As far as O/C goes it depends on how hard I push them . But since I have had to replace only one card . My vendor and myself are happy with our arrangement. This applies only to ATI cards.
Most likely. I mean, it just makes common sense. I don't think anybody can expect a company to continue to claim responsibility for a product after the customer as taken it apart and fiddled with it.
Keep your stock cooler, and replace it if shit hits the fan.