Will buying a new wifi adapter fix a notebooks ability to wifi share?

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    Aug 23, 2007
    Hey all.

    I have foxfi and pdanet for my own personal use. Not too long ago they added a feature called wifi share that basically takes advantage of windows ability to turn your notebook into a wifi hotspot.

    The main use case for this is using wired tethering from a mobile phone with unlimited data, and then using the notebooks ability to wifi share to get around the limitations of wifi tethering data caps through the mobile phone sans needing to pay more for the privilege.

    I had a sandy bridge notebook from late 2011 where I could never get the feature to work right, got a newer and cheaper amd notebook to tide me over now when that one broke, and the feature works perfectly on this notebook. Incidentally, even though this is an amd notebook, the wifi adapter used inside is one of the newer intel wifi cards (7265).

    Fast forward to today. I have a relative that has verizon but no home based internet for the moment. They had two lines and a mobile hotspot with capped data for just over 180, I had them cancel the hotspot and switch to unlimited. My intention was to hook one of their phones to their notebook directly and use foxfi/pdanet to provide internet, and then use the wifi share feature to create a network to hook up things like their smart tv.

    Problem. It creates a network, but nothing can connect. Tried other smartphones, tried other tvs, it just stalls out with the connection.

    I did the cmd prompt to check if there was support for a virtual network, there was. I went through both the cmd prompt method as an admin vs the app that does the same thing in an automated fashion, and got the same result.

    This has led me to suspect that just like my older notebook that had issues with that feature (all windows 10 btw, so that is not a variable), there may be some issue with the wifi card, or the wifi card with windows 10 that was never patched properly.

    So.... if I head to the store and pick up a usb wifi adapter, will that probably allow me to use the wifi share feature without issue?