Will an i7 3820 make a decent game server?


Dec 25, 2014
G'day Again,

Just wondering if anyone here has had experience setting up home servers and could possibly give me feedback.

System #2 in my sig will be used but with a UPS, 64gb RAM and 1tb SSD's x2 possibly individually or in RAID 0.

The questions I am having difficulty answering myself are:

1. Can I run 2 game servers (7 days to die and ARK: survival evolved) which I believe are both single threaded if not ARK may use 2 threads. Along with hosting a Teamspeak server and a VM ubuntu client for an admin bot in one of the games.

2. I am running a single 100/40 unlimited connection with a static IP from my ISP, it is possible to order a 2nd service on the second fiber line coming in but would like to avoid that for the reason of cost (the connections are $110 Aussie dollars a month each. I do however have a fritzbox 7390 I can limit for my main machine so I am not chewing up bandwidth while gaming/admining.

Sorry to dump possibly easy to answer questions in here, I am just having a hard time with keywords while submitting to the google search overlords >.>.

Any replies are appreciated.


*EDIT*: The 7 days to die server will only host 24-30 players while the ARK server would host 40-50 slots but will not reach that due to the types of mods that will be running. And I can confirm ARK uses 2 threads.
Well, I haven't managed to get replies, once the rest of my stuff arrives I will get it set up and post any results.
It should work, and if not you can snag a 100$ e5 2670 for 16 threads of awesomeness.