Will air cooling be enough for 7950X?


Limp Gawd
Nov 20, 2008
Basically, will a top air cooler such as Noctua ND15 cut the mustard on a AMD 7950X or should I expect some mild throttling?

Another option would be Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280 top mounted in a Phanteks P600S case.

The GPU will be my current RTX 3090 or maybe a future 4090 but I’m are not going to watercool the GPU.

Was thinking about a Fractal Design Torrent if I go with fully air cooled setup.

Any advise would be welcome…
If you plan to do any overclocking avoid air coolers otherwise at stock speeds I'd say the ND-15 would be sufficient. If you already have the ND15 I'd give it a shot even it would have some OC headroom. For me it's about longevity the cooler it runs overtime equals greater life span. Call it an insurance policy if it were me the AIO would be in the top of that P600 even at stock speeds.
I've had several Phanteks cases and highly recommend them very easy to build in and the cable management is stellar. Plenty of room for a custom loop in that case. I've had my eye on Evolv X for a new build.
No experience with the Fractal cases but the Torrent is sharp looking, but for me, I like the vertical GPU mount to be available.
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depends what youre doing. sustained loads for a long time may throttle a bit. youll also want to check your mobo against noctua's compatibility list. a bunch of new mobos have yuge vrm heat sinks that the d15 wont clear.