wifi bridge across house


May 1, 2003
We are planning to implement a wifi bridge across our house. We once had one setup when 802.11g was the fastest, but when we got internet >50Mbps down, we switch to the cable. Now that there are WiFi speeds beyond 1Gb/s, we are getting rid of the cable and going to a bridge again.
Any suggestions on hardware to get? Stock firmware or something like dd-wrt. Before, we used two WiFi routers with dd-wrt. VPN between them would also be a plus
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New question. If I install WiFi adaptors in each system to make everything wireless, is there a way to make the NAS WiFi? Obviously, run a cable to a device that will convert the wired to wireless. Is there such a device?
Why do you want to abandon a working cable? 1G ethernet is full duplex 1gbps all day every day. 1G wifi is shared medium, varying speeds depending on conditions, and usually doesn't hit the peak.
Here's the full story. The wire we ran from the router to the switch is frayed. So we need to switch back to the original wifi configuration we had. Both my wife and I are disabled and unable to run the cable the way we did when I was not disabled. Completely along the floor is not an option. We are in an apartment so the wifi range is not an issue. We have computer equipment in two areas of the apartment.
What if you have some spare routers lying around and just bought a new main router? IOW, how to explain to the Chief Financial Officer.
We do have a few old D-links and a Netgear. The two D-links are the routers we used in the original configuration before we ran the cable. 802.11g. The Netgear is n. CFO = wife.
Ok, if your cable is dying, and it's not salvagable, this makes sense.

If your netgear with N isn't your current access point, I'd check if it can be put into wifi-client/bridge mode and join your current wlan. See how that goes. If it mostly works, but speed isn't there, and your current access point is AC and has a bridge mode, I'd try to get a second one for the NAS side of your apartment.

You might have to mess around with channels depending on how crowded your airspace is; and now you'll want to find something that's not too busy on both sides.

There's dedicated client bridge devices, but like dedicated access points, they tend to cost more and do about the same thing as a consumer router in a special mode. I'm cheap, so I'm not going to spend more to do the same thing.

If it's not inconvenient to wire the NAS and the other computers over there to one device, I'd think a single radio over there will work better than each computer having its own.
Just buy a modern two node mesh setup. Make sure they both have ethernet ports so you can plug things into each of them. You can get greater than gig speeds between the APs with a 4x4 802.11ac backhaul, so I'd make that your minimum.
Using the Netgear as the other part of the bridge sounds like a workable plan. It has 4 1Gbps ports, and it is the NAS and those two PC's by it that need the speed. Large transfers from the other side are uncommon. The most would be for transmission to our Roku. One of those PCs by the NAS is the Plex server. The NAS is where all the media for it is stored. The other PC is my gaming system. which I also do some work with the media. The main router supports AC and that will be the only AP
Why do a bridge at all? Just set one router into AP mode amd let the main router handle the rest, bridges are really for longer distances not across an apartment, the other option is Ethernet over power adapters for cheaper, uses your in-house electrical wire no need to get anymore complicated than the above options