WiFi and Tablet PC help


Limp Gawd
Jul 8, 2002
I'm trying to setup a wireless antenna for a small parking lot at my dealership. I'm using a Toshiba Portege tablet PC, a linksys WAP54G, and a dorky looking cantenna.

The system is supposed to enable our check-in employee to book in the new cars without ever having the come inside.

It seems the Toshiba wifi capabilities with the centrino thing are limited to wireless B standards? Max rate I can get is 11 mbps.

This stuff is kinda new to me, my first attempt with wireless stuff. I figured with the cantenna that I would be able to point it out diagonally across the lot and that would be enough. I can get halfway across the lot and the signal is at 50%...towards the back of the lot no signal at all.

There ARE cars in this lot and I know they can definitely goof up the signal. I'm wondering is the cantenna not good enough? Do I need a better wifi card for the Tablet? I could use some recommendations, perhaps someone has setup something similar?


Jun 27, 2001
You need better antenna's in your location. Perhaps more then one. The tablet can only do so much.