Wi-Fi card in motherboard M.2 slot


Limp Gawd
Jul 5, 2007
Can anyone recommend an adapter to put a Key A/E Wi-Fi card into a Key-M motherboard slot? My Asus Prime X570 -Pro has an M.2 slot going unused that lines up with a case expansion slot going unused, and it really cries out for a Wi-Fi card and antennas in there.

I tried a Ableconn M2MN-150E (Amazon link) and it sort of worked. The USB-connection cable that came with it was useless by being comically short, so the Wi-Fi card had no Bluetooth functionality. The Bluetooth is more important to me than the Wi-Fi. Also the red card looked pretty bad in my black-and-white build (photo).

The Mabletech MTG-GM200 (mfr link) would be perfect, except I can't find anywhere to buy one. I'm not even totally sure Mabletech is a real company.


Dec 1, 2004
I can't find what you're looking for, but I also cannot fathom why you would want to do what you're doing. Looking at pictures of your motherboard, you have six PCIe slots (3 of them 1x size) and only 2 M.2 slots, meaning the storage-capable M.2 slots are the more rare commodity. You can get something like this which fulfills your actual wireless needs for not much more than the cost of just the adapter.