Why will my IC7-MAX3 run at 271 1:1 but wont boot at 200+ 3:2 or 5:4???


Jul 17, 2000
Originally posted by 101
Some memory chips/motherboards have issues at anything other than 1:1 ratios, the winbond CH-5 and the newer hynix chips that are so popular for example.
This is true. Winbond CH5 chips have problems with all i865/875 boards it seems. However, the 5:4 and 3:2 issue with the Hynix chips on PC4000 memory seems to be an Abit-only issue. The simple fact is that the Abit i875/i865 boards are some of the quirkiest motherboards I have ever come across when it comes to memory. Even with the BH5 chips on my memory, which are the best type for the IC7 compatibility-wise, my board STILL refuses to run above 282MHz using the 5:4 ratio, none of the GAT settings work (even at 1:1) and of courses theres still the VTT voltage issue. I hate to say this to the original poster, but unless abit come out with a bios to fix this (highly unlikely) then you're going to be stuck at 271MHz FSB. :(