Why has my overclock become unstable?


Apr 5, 2005
At the beginning of this year I got myself an Opteron 175 to tide me over until I build a whole new system.

After some extensive Prime/Otheros testing was slightly disappointed to find that one core refused to be stable over 2.65ghz no matter how much vcore I threw at it, so I settled on a nice stable 2.63ghz which was still error free after over 12 hours of stress testing.

Just recently I've been experiencing frequent crashes to desktop and resets, no blue screens though. These seem to happen completely randomly, often the computer will be fine for a few days (I leave it on 24/7) and then for no discernable reason it'll start a bout of crashing and resetting itself, sometimes within a few moments of just booting into windows. At that point I usually just turn it off for a while and it's fine again when I start it up from cold.

However last night it was still crashing after leaving it off for an hour, so I decided to run some stability tests, ran dual copies of SP2004 and the lame core errored after about 20 minutes. Reduced my overclock by 10mhz and it failed after 2 minutes, I'd had enough so I turned it off and went to bed.

Was still crashing this morning so I reduced by another 10mhz. Just running dual prime again now, no signs of an error.

I don't know what could be wrong with it, I haven't changed anything in my setup, temperature is fine (50c under full load). I have a Lanparty NF4, nice beefy OCZ 700w PSU, RAM isn't overclocked

I previously had an A64 3700 which I ran at nearly 2.8ghz for 18 months with no problems


Limp Gawd
Jun 26, 2007
Could just be a crappy core. They're not guaranteed to overclock well after all. Just that most can.