Why does a folder "move" turn into a "copy" some times? Windows OS's

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by tankman1989, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. tankman1989

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    Aug 21, 2009
    This strange thing happens at times. I need to move some files within the same drive and when I drag the files/folder to another location (on the same drive) the move function sometimes turns into a copy action. I've checked to make sure that it is all within the same drive so that isn't the problem. I've also looked to see if the file is being used at the time, or if there are any files within the folder being used and I never see anything.

    I've noticed that there are a lot of thumbs.db files being created that I never noticed before and was wondering if this could have anything to do with it, b/c after I do a move (that turns into a copy) and go to delete the source location, the thumbs.db file is often denied the delete action. Could the action of the OS accessing the thumbs.db file cause the whole folder to be locked for the move making it instead copy the folder instead?

    After the move/copy and I try to delete everything & the thumb.db file is denied, I have to wait a few minutes and maybe after accessing a few other files, am granted permission to delete it. Is this standard or is there a way to fix this.
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    Jun 21, 2012
    I've always wondered this myself, why moving things sometimes turns into copy/paste.
  3. Liger88

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    Feb 14, 2012
    Sounds the most logical that something is in use. Although more specifics would need to be had as whether everything gets copied, or just a few items such as the ones that later couldn't be deleted.

    thumbs.db tends to pop up anywhere there are mp3's and they make themselves hidden most the time. One of the rather annoying things about Windows is if any program has that specific thumb.db image cached (i.e Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Media Player, or Windows Movie Maker) than until you remove it from the cache it'll often times give you crap.
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    Mar 5, 2005
    Quick fix: switch from "details" view to ANY other folder view.

    Details view likes to lock files (especially thumbs.db) for whatever reason.
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    Apr 27, 2010
    Is that what's doing that? Son of a bitch, that annoys the hell out of me.
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