Why do AMD and Nvidia's Amazon storefronts promote scalped cards?


Jun 8, 2004


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Nov 9, 2006
Lemme explain it for ya. Big companies have storefronts on Amazon. It's where they can promote products they sell. Maybe they shouldn't promote scalpers on their on store.
"They" (AMD and nVidia) aren't, Amazon is. They list the products they sell, Amazon begins the listings at the lowest available third-party price if Amazon does not have stock; same as if you go to the page for the card itself. That being said, if nVidia and AMD were serious about stopping scalping they would include a clause prohibiting authorized resellers from selling scalped cards. Of course Amazon doesn't care; a scalped card nets them more revenue, but if they were to lose their agreement as an authorized reseller they would have to reconsider their tolerance for scalpers .


Apr 13, 2005
Amazon is really disappointing me lately - it's no longer legit stores /Amazon selling stuff, it's Chinese scammers and various scalpers everywhere.


Aug 3, 2004
I was just thinking about this. I was put off when Newegg started being a "marketplace", I don't particularly like having to filter our junk from anyone and everyone just to see what Newegg had in stock. I more or less subconsciously stopped shopping there.

With Amazon it's the same thing, but convenience and pricing more or less offset the negatives to a certain extent.

I don't know man, seriously thinking about cancelling my Amazon prime membership and Newegg account. I hate the concept of big box stores and sites like Amazon killing off all the mom and pop brick and mortar stores anyway.

EDIT: Newegg are such a bunch of scumbags that they JUST sent me an email advertising a scalped FTW3 3090 for $2499. Scum.

Screenshot (37).png

EDIT: welp, just cancelled my Newegg account after two plus decades. I don't need 'em. They used to be a "go to", now there are a "has been" (to me at least).

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I’m pretty sure you were just talking with a bot
I mean the CSR is just a peon working from home over live chat dealing with repetative and mundane questions and topics all day long. I highly doubt they'd have a vested interest in the company like a small business owner on their first year of business would feel about clients.

This CSR doesn't exactly have a reason to cry themselves to sleep tonight over a customer stopping their subscription. But using cuss words and tone like that to this innocent CSR who can't control scalping themselves anyway was kind of uncalled for. Could have given them a reason without the dramatics and angry tone, as I'm not sure if the CSR will exactly verbatim log your complaint with the emotions and cursing and present your case in person to Neweggs CEO that very afternoon..