WHS 2012 Essentials Storage Spaces

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    Ok so I have been reading up here on rants and different things on the storage spaces piece...

    I went from WHS v1 to WHS2011 now but am not running any backups or duplication or anything....

    I am now running WHS2012E (if you will)...on a machine to make sure it all looks good. But I only have 1 drive in it at the moment..

    so in my ESX 5.5i environment I installed it then added 2 drives...

    just for confirmation....

    what is the mimimum size drive to use for the OS???
    I have a 1tb in there and was going to get 2 x 3tb drives.. and only use them.
    but V1 would allow you to duplicate data that way but the new WHS2012E does not.

    seems drive pool must be 2 seperate drives in addition to the OS drive so it makes no sense why wyou would want a 3tb OS drive...
    (verified this by more googling... hah)

    am I missing something here?

    I am thinking 250gb or 320gb drive for OS (have them already)
    3 x 1tb drive in a pool then mirrored x1 (as I have them too) - if that is what it is called...

    I dont need 2 copies of this and 3 copies of that.. raid 5 for this and all that...

    I have pics, movies, data files that are shared out to computers in the house... I just want to make sure if a drive goes I can get all my data back....


    this machine will be running
    movie share
    music share
    data share
    Homeseer - home automation
    CCTV - 8 cameras
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