Who owns 1 of those DOF reality chair?

Happy Hopping

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Jul 1, 2004

1) how does it simulates if you go inverted?

2) for that person on that VR visor the whole time, he can't see or touch those panel and sticks in front of him, and he didn't move much, so what's the benefit w/ the chair?
1. Watch the video, he goes inverted numerous times. It looks like the chair just keeps moving as it would if you were upside down. Most decent size arcades have a similar setup you could try if you have any around you. I think even Dave and Busters has them with star wars games to boot.

2. Those items are probably for different games. I would geuss racing sim as that looks like an e brake (or sequential shifter) and a standard shifter.
One of those would be great for sim racing. With the yaw, you'd be able to feel when your tires are just one the limit.
I hate car racing game. It's so dry. It's a dozen track over and over again. Star Wars mission is different. But for me, I can never have the above, I don't have the space, unless I setup that in the basement.

Also, I can't deal w/ those motion sickness from that Virtual Reality visor.

Besides, I were to buy one, I won't do DOF, I rather get this 720 deg. rotation toy:

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