Who here is running an ICS rom?


Sep 12, 2000
I'm running ICS Perfection rc1 on my t989 and it's been good so far. With the extended battery I can get 2 days with moderate use.


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Jan 20, 2006
i frequent the xda developers forum. i have played with ICS on the nook color and now have an HTC Vivid which has an official ICS HTC rom. i dig it.

PS; chrome beta is nice!


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Dec 29, 2004
i had an HTC Sensation running ICS (Virtuous Inquisition) and I recently upgraded to a Glaxy Nexus... there was a huge difference in bugginess with an official AOSP device


Nov 5, 2004
I'm running ShoStock2 as the daily driver on my i777 GS2, 4.0.3 UHLPE based. Battery life is so close to what I was seeing on GB 2.3.6 that I really can't tell a difference and everything I use works. Once in a while a game will hang/fc but that is about it. Once the kernel source dropped the SGS2 ICS roms shaped up pretty fast. There are quite a few ICS options on XDA, a couple native i777 leaks, i9100 ports, AOKP, etc.
Aug 24, 2004
had a chance to play with a friend's SGS2 running ICS today, and all I can say is "wow!" everything was perfect, and comparing it with another friend's Galaxy Nexus, it blew it out of the water. Every animation was super smooth, and apps loaded much quicker.... and of course the SGS2 has my coveted microSD slot...

I think I just found my next phone...

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Tried the CM9 beta for my droid 2, drained the battery really fast and didn't seem to run that great. Settled for CM7 on GB instead, been working quite well now.

My next phone will probably have it stock though(successor of nexus/galaxy if it comes out by january of next year)


Jan 1, 2007
I'm running Decks PB17 on my EVO 4G, and aside from barcode scanning not working, 4.0.4 seems to be useable as an every day system for me. I don't care about the front facing camera/face unlock. Nor do I really care about the 4G. I have 4G signal where I live, but if you drive down the street from me in either direction more than a quarter mile, it drops. That constant trying to reconnect to 4G drains battery like nothing else. I really do miss the barcode scanning though (Decks and AOKP 4.0.3 worked fine previously.) The only workaround I know of is to take a picture of a barcode with the camera function, and then import it to Google Goggles -- too convoluted. I haven't flashed to PB18, and don't plan to flash any new builds until the Playground ICS has some changes that are actually useful to me. PB17 has been running since it came out (within 5 minutes of release), with no random reboots or problems in my usage, Masons 0.14 kernel on SmartAssV2 governor. It breathed new life into my phone, allowing me to wait for an LTE enabled device rather than adopting another WiMax device that has no signal improvement for its lifetime.

I've also experimented a lot with the Epic Touch 4G on the Sprint 4.0.3 leak, and while I think it's a step in the right direction, the battery life is pretty bad. I've tried SmartAssV2, Lionheart and LulzActive (tweaked for conservative) on different kernels for it and I'm still losing on average 3 hours of battery versus running stock Gingerbread or a ROM like Cyanogenmod 7.2 port. EVO 4G -gained- battery life with ICS, so I find this behavior rather unusual and suspect more GPS polling on the Samsung in ICS contributes to this.


Aug 6, 2000
default which i believe is on demand. and screen off set to 200 max / min.

I been having trouble with setting my screen off profile. I set it just as you have it, Max 200, Min 200, and every time I turn on my screen, or try at least, it reboots instead of the screen turning on. Once I disable any profiles, it works like normal.


Sep 23, 2005
Nexus S 4G (crespo4g) running cm-9-20110411-nightly

I've been running the CM9 nightly builds on this phone for the last two weeks and am super excited about how smooth and stable it is. It's way more stable than stock AND CM7.1 (which I ran for almost a year) In fairness, I'll admit the battery life isn't great, but it's not much worse than CM7.1 and I carry a second battery, so it's a non-issue for me

ASUS Transformer (tf101) running Revolver4 Beta 1.3

I was so excited about Asus releasing stock ICS updates that I flashed back to stock and got the OTA... holy shit the OTA was a disaster, it actually managed to be more unstable than honeycomb stock was. Last week I flashed to Revolver4 Beta ICS and my tablet hasn't crashed once since.


Apr 1, 2003
Running latest Bugless Beast nightly for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Nova launcher on top. Runs buttery smooth. One of the best parts of ICS? Chrome browser.